Thanksgiving in St. Barth's

travel • November 30, 2010

St. Barth’s is truly one of my most favorite places in the world. Just 3 hours from New York and you are in complete paradise! This time I was with a group of close friends and it was perfect; we laughed, ate, slept, and swam--what a luxury. From the gorgeous beaches to the amazing people-watching to the charming little shops and restaurants, they are all part of what makes St. Barth’s such a beautiful oasis in the Caribbean. With the biggest boats and the tiniest creperies, it all makes me want to go back time and time again.

Flamands Beach
Flamands Beach
Home Sweet Home
Ran into famed photographer Doug Friedman on my beach
Secret dipping pool in the back garden
CNN's Jessica Yellin
Samantha Boardman + Aby Rosen at Taiwana Restaurant
Gregg Hymowitz + Samantha Boardman